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    1. Self-driving Bus Benefiting from the fast development of the internet, big data, cloud computing, and 5G technologies, Zhongtong Bus successfully launched 4 generations of autonomous buses into the market, including Zhongtong's Fengcai Series, New N Series, V6 Series, Linglong Series, among which achieved the highest autonomous driving level - L4 in the automotive industry. Self-driving buses improve journey times and quality of service for customers while also reducing energy consumption and emissions.
    1. Fuel Cell Electric Bus, Hydrogen Fuel Cell Bus Since 2014, Zhongtong Bus has been involving in the development of hydrogen fuel cell. After years of effort, hydrogen fuell cell bus covered all models of 8-12m buses in 2016, which operated in the cities around China. Accounting for a 48.59% share in the market, 742 electric buses were sold in 2018, with industry total sales of 1527. In 2019, the sales volume of the electric buses is 682, with industry total sales of 3018, occupying market share of 22.8%.