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Descriptions of Sparkling (Passenger Bus, Tour Bus)
1. Sparkling series of road vehicles are designed for the medium and short distance transportation
2. Overhead engine valve system helps improve the air quality
3. Double seal type of luggage compartment door provides the compartment with a superior tightness.
4. Well designed interior space, allows a roomy and comfortable seating condition.
5. Cab is designed out of the ergonomic considerations, which does offer more comfort while driving.
6. Finite-element analyses, upgraded fuel-saving technology and light weight design, etc, all of these are considerations for a cost-effective vehicle.

Specifications of Sparkling (Passenger Bus, Tour Bus)
Model No. LCK6899H LCK6935H
Total Ref. Length*Width*Height(mm) 8945ⅹ2450ⅹ3290 9345ⅹ2420ⅹ3290
Max. Weight(kg) 11600 12160
Rated Seating Capacity (persons) 35+1+1 37+1+1/24-43
Max. Speed(km/h) 115 115
Diesel Engine Ref. Model. YC6J220-30/WP6.210
Manufacturer Yuchai/Weichai YC6J245-30/WP6.240/J08E-UU
Max. Power Capacity(KW) 162/155 180/176/181
Torque 800/820 800/900/745
Chassis Ref. Standard Configuration Standard Configuration
Gear Box CA6T138 CA6T138
Front and Rear Axle 4.2T, 8T 4.2T,9T
Suspension Laminated Leaf-spring(Front 7Rear11) Laminated Leaf-spring(Front78Rear11)
Brake Dual-Circuit Brake, Drum Brake Dual-Circuit Brake, Drum Brake
Tire 9R22.5 9R20
Model No. LCK6999HA
Length*width *height (mm) 9945*2480*3380
max weight(kg) 13600
Passenger seats 24-47
max speed(km/h) 115
Engine model YC6J245-30
manufacturer Yuchai
Max power (kw) 180
Max torque(N.m) 890
gear box QJ805
Front Axle 5T
Rear Axle 9.5T
suspension frame Air suspension/Leaf spring suspension
Brake system Dual circuit brake, drum brake
Tire 10R22.5

Established in 1958, Zhongtong Bus is able to offer you sparkling passenger bus and tour bus with low weight and low power consumption. With 50 years of experience in supplying the global market, we, a sparkling buses manufacturer and supplier in China, are able to offer you high quality buses that are ISO9001 and 3C certified. Our Sparkling buses are exported to USA, France, Spain, Argentina, Russia and more. Welcome to contact us for more information!