Electric Coach

The LCK6125EV coach is well suited for medium-scale and large-scale urban public transportation systems, thanks to its clean appearance, beautiful interior and mature techniques. Its ultra-powerful battery contains 350 Kw·h of electricity, assuring the coach to run over 150 kilometers with the A.C. on and 250 kilometers with the A.C. off. The vehicle receives high praises from countless customers for its excellent dynamic properties, high reliability, high safety, low energy consumption and stable performance.

Overall Parameter
L*W*H (mm) 11990*2500*3600
Inner height (mm) 2040
Inner width (mm) 2400
Wheelbase (mm) 6000
Front/rear suspension (mm) 2585/3405
Approach/departure (º) 8.5/8.5
Ground clearance (mm) 380
Max. gross weight(kg) 18600
Capacity (seats) 40+1
Turning R(mm) 12200
Max. speed (km/h) 90
Power train system
Battery model Lithium battery
Unit Voltage/capacity 3.2V/20Ah
Total KWH 350
Motor model Three-phase AC asynchronous motor
Power train type Direction
Voltage (V) 547.2 (DC)
Rated /Max. power (Kw) 142/230
Rated /Max. torque (N.m) 800/2400
Running distance (km) At least 250kms. (With Air-on, average speed 70km/h)
Charging type Slow charging model (3-4 hours, with 120kw charger)
Connector/ Socket type IEC62196 TYPE-2
Front axle Dena 7 T; disc brake
Rear axle Dena 13T, drum brake
Suspension Air suspension 2/4;
Brake Electric air pumper; dual-circuit air brake; front disc and rear drum brake; air drier; ABS; and rear automatic adjustment arm
Tire Michelin 295/70R22.5 ×6
Battery 120Ah×2
Motor radiator Electric fan
Rear view mirror Electric rearview mirror; inner mirror
Air conditioner ZHONGTONG 26000Kcal/h
Seats 45+1, ZTZY3072 model, ZTZY1021 adjustable driver seat