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Descriptions of Triumph
(Passenger Bus, Group Bus, Commuter Bus)

1. Triumph series of buses can be available in length ranging from 6m to 7.5m
2. A type of light bus with multiple styles and configurations
3. Rolling and stretching technology are utilized in making outer panel skins
4. The secondary filtering high-mounted air induction system helps increase the engine service time

Specifications of Triumph (Passenger Bus, Group Bus, Commuter Bus)

Model No. LCK6601D
Total Ref. Length*Width*Height(mm) 5998ⅹ2200ⅹ2820
Max. Weight(kg) 5432
Rated Seating Capacity (seats) 10-19
Max. Speed(km/h) 98
Diesel Engine Ref. Model. YC4F115-30/ YC4F115-20
Manufacturer Yuchai
Max. Power Capacity(KW) 85/3200
Torque 300/2200
Chassis Ref.   Standard Configuration
Gear Box YC4F115-30/DF5S300;
Front and Rear Axle 2.5T,5.0T
Suspension Laminated Leaf-spring(Front 11Rear10)
Brake Dual-Circuit Brake, Drum Brake
Tire 7.00-16
Model No. LCK6660D LCK6750D
Length*width *height (mm) 6620*2200*2750/2950 7495*2300*3090/2890
max weight(kg) 6480 8550
Passenger seats 24-26 24-30
max speed(km/h) 100 105
Engine model YC4F115-30/YC4F115-20 YC4E140-30/YC4E140-20
manufacturer yuchai yuchai
Max power (kw) 85/3200 105/2600
Max torque(N.m) 300/2200 430/1400-1600
gear box DF5S300/YC4F115-30 EQ145
Front Axle 3.0T 3.5T
Rear Axle 5.0T 5T
suspension frame Air suspension/Leaf spring suspension Air suspension/Leaf spring suspension
Brake system Dual circuit brake, drum brake Dual circuit brake, drum brake
Tire 7.00-16 7.50-20

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