Bracket Transport Vehicle

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Our bracket transport vehicle features stepless speed regulation. Its fully loaded driving speed can be up to 15km/h. Deadweight tonnage is from 15T to 80T. This series of transport vehicles are used in transporting coal mine.

Specifications of Bracket Transport Vehicle

Max. loading weight 80T
Deadweight 40T
Dimension 10780*4125*1860(mm)
Ground clearance 210(mm)
Turn radius(inside/outer) 3540/8170(mm)
Max.climbing capacity 13
Driving speed (no loading/full loading) 0-16km/h; 0-8km/h
Max.width of transporting bracket 1950mm
Starting mode Air starting
Protecting mode Electic protecting
Brake mode Spring brake/hydraulic release
Max.unit pressure of ground(front/behind wheel) 830kpa/950kpa

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