Descriptions of Sunny
(Public Transport Bus, Group Bus, Commuter Bus)

1. The front doubling windshield glass is designed to offer a panoramic view, and rabbit ear shaped rear view mirrors are short on the left while long on the right.
2. Big circular arc and circle predominate in design styles, magnificent and pleasing to see
3. Zhongtong Bus has designed and developed chassis for bus use with proper configuration, which improves the accessibility by lowering the height from ground level
4. Natural gas engine are made using proven technology that can substantially reduce emission of nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons and harmful particles
5. Electromagnetic fan clutch is used to ensure the engine consistently works under optimal temperature, meanwhile lessen possible damage to its power and reduce noises from the fan, thus further improve the energy efficiency.
6. The air cleaner has an impressive capacity able to increase the intake air volume by enlarging the air induction pipe diameter and reducing intake resistance
7. Large-volume type of sound dampener is able to reduce exhaust resistance as well as back pressure
8. Finite-element analysis is given to the whole vehicle for desired configuration and design.
9. Frame grille uses closed loop structure to make the vehicle lighter, more durable and efficient
10. Dual phosphating treatment is made to increase the durability.

Specifications of Sunny
(Public Transport Bus, Group bus, Commuter Bus)

Model No. LCK6103G LCK6112G
Total Ref. Length*Width*Height(mm) 10670ⅹ2500ⅹ3170 11490ⅹ2500ⅹ3260
Max. Weight(kg) 15000 16500
Rated Seating Capacity (persons) 33+1/ 24-40(70) 34+1/10-47(86)
Max. Speed(km/h) 90 90
Diesel Engine Ref. Model. ISDe210 30/YC6G240-20 YC6L260-30/WP10.270/L280 20
Manufacturer Dongfeng Cummins/ Yuchai Yuchai /Weichai / Dongfeng Cummins
Max. Power Capacity(KW) 155/177 191/19/206
Torque 800/950 1030/1125/1150
Chassis Ref.   Standard Configuration Standard Configuration
Gear Box QJ805 QJ1205
Front and Rear Axle 5.5T,11T 5.5T, 11T
Suspension Laminated Leaf-spring(Front 8Rear11) Laminated Leaf-spring(Front9Rear11)
Brake Dual-Circuit Brake, Drum Brake Dual-Circuit Brake, Drum Brake
Tire 10.00R20 10.00R20
Model No. LCK6125G-1 LCK6121GHEV
Total Ref. Length*Width*Height (mm) 11990*2540*3380 11990*2540*3210
Max. Weight (kg) 17790 18000
Rated Seating Capacity (number of people) 82/24-47 98/10-46
Max. Speed (km/h) 90 85
Diesel Engine Ref. Model YC6L280-30/ISLE +300B ISBE4 +225B
Manufacturer Yuchai / UK Cummins Cummins
Max. Power (KW) 280/300 165
Torque (N. m/rpm) 1100/1250 850/1500
Chassis Ref.   Standard configuration Standard configuration
Gear Box QJ805, manual, five speed Automatic
Front and Rear Axle 7T, 13T 7.5T, 13T
Suspension Leaf spring Air suspension
Brake Dual circuit air braking, drum brake Double circuit air brake
Tire 11.00R20 275/70R22.5
Model No. LCK6830G LCK6910G
Total Ref. Length*Width*Height(mm) 9170ⅹ2450ⅹ3020 9170ⅹ2450ⅹ3020
Max. Weight(kg) 12500 12500
Rated Seating Capacity (persons) 26+1/10-34(66) 26+1/10-34(66)
Max. Speed(km/h) 90 90
Diesel Engine Ref. Model. WP6.210/ /YC6J210-20/ ISBE4+ 225B WP6.210/ /YC6J210-20/ ISBE4+ 225B
Manufacturer Weichai/ Yuchai/ Cummins Weichai/ Yuchai/ Cummins
Max. Power Capacity(KW) 155/155/166 155/155/166
Torque 750/710/850 750/710/850
Chassis Ref.   Standard Configuration Standard Configuration
Gear Box QJ805 QJ805
Front and Rear Axle 4.2T,9T 4.2T,9T
Suspension Laminated Leaf-spring(Front 4Rear4) Laminated Leaf-spring(Front 4Rear4)
Brake Dual-Circuit Brake, Drum Brake Dual-Circuit Brake, Drum Brake
Tire 9.00R20 9.00R20
Certification GOST R Certificate GCC Certificate ECE R10 Test Report ECE R34 Oil Tank Fire Proof Certificate ECE R13 Test Report
Model No. LCK6125G LCK6841GC
Length*width *height (mm) 11990*2540*3260 8430*2480*3380
max weight(kg) 17550 10600
Passenger seats 10-44 16-30
max speed(km/h) 16--30
Engine model YC6L280-30/WP10.270N/ISLE+300B/YC6G270-20/WD615.50 YC4G180N-30
manufacturer Yuchai / Weichai / Cummins / Yuchai / Weichai Yuchai
Max power (kw) 206/199/221/199/206 132
Max torque(N.m) 1100/1270/1250/1080/1160 650
gear box S6-150 QJ705
Front Axle 7T 4.2T
Rear Axle 13T 8T
suspension frame Air suspension/Leaf spring suspension Air suspension/Leaf spring suspension
Brake system Dual circuit brake, drum brake Dual circuit brake, drum brake
Tire 275/70R22.5 8.25R20

Since 1958, Zhongtong Bus is engaged in designing and manufacturing Sunny buses. As an experienced bus manufacturer and supplier in China, we are awarded as "BAAV Bus Builder of 2004", "BAAV Best Appearance of 2007" and more. With imported BOVA technologies, our Sunny buses, no matter it is public transport bus, group bus, or commuter bus, are of high quality, evident by the great popularity they have earned in countries like USA, France, Spain, Argentina, Russia and more. At Zhongtong Bus, we welcome you to visit us and know more about our Sunny buses.

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