Descriptions of Creator (Passenger Bus, Tour Coach, Commuter Bus, Group Bus)
1. Zhongtong Bus Creator ranges of buses have entered the market for 3 years with affordable price and superior quality
2. Such vehicle type is fitted with patented triangular crystal lights and fog lights
3. ISUZL driving units used in Creator passenger carrying vehicles.
4. Creator ranges of road vehicles have been award The Nicest Appearance in 2005 by BAAV.

Specifications of Creator (Passenger Bus, Tour Coach, Commuter Bus, Group Bus)

Model No. LCK6107H LCK6118H LCK6125H
Total Ref. Length*Width*
10500ⅹ2500ⅹ3530 11565ⅹ2500ⅹ3700 11990ⅹ2540ⅹ3700
Max. Weight(kg) 14660 17000 17800
Rated Seating Capacity (persons) 24-49 Seat Bus /(43+1) 24-55 Seat Coach /47+1 24-55/51+1 Seat Bus
Max. Speed(km/h) 120 120 120
Diesel Engine Ref. Model. YC6J245-30/ISDE 270 30/ISBE4 300 WP10.290/YC6G270-30/ISLE+300/ WP10.375/ YC6L330-30/ ISLE+300
Manufacturer Yuchai /Dongfeng Cummins/ Cummins / Weichai/ Yuchai / Cummins Weichai/ Yuchai / Cummins
Max. Power Capacity(KW) 213/228/221 213/199/221 276/243/221
Torque 890/970/1100 1200/1080/1250 1460/1280/1550
Chassis Ref.   Standard Configuration Standard Configuration Standard Configuration
Gear Box S5-120 S6-90 S6-160
Front and Rear Axle 5.5T,11T 5.5T, 11T 7T , 13T
Suspension Laminated Leaf-spring(Front 8Rear11) Laminated Leaf-spring(Front 9Rear11) Laminated Leaf-spring(Front 10Rear11)
Brake Dual-Circuit Brake, Drum Brake Dual-Circuit Brake, Drum Brake Dual-Circuit Brake, Drum Brake
Tire 11R22.5 11R22.5 295/80R22.5
Certification GCC     GCC

Thank you for visiting our website. We are a China Creator buses manufacturer and supplier with over 50 years of experience. Our Creator buses are of stable performance, high safety, comfortable and spacious design. They are available with many varieties that include passenger bus, tour coach, commuter bus, group bus. These buses are ISO9001 and 3C certified and are exported to USA, France, Spain, Argentina, Russia and more countries. At Zhongtong Bus, we look forward to working with you!

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