This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Descriptions of LCK6112GHEV1
Produced by Zhongtong Bus, a publicly-traded company as well as a China bus manufacturer and supplier, this type of parallel hybrid bus is ideal for city public transportation due to its beautiful appearance, low emission, and good fuel efficiency.

Features of LCK6112GHEV1
1. Good fuel efficiency, minimum clutch wear and noises: motor offers assisting power at starting and speeding stage
2. Vehicle-mounted charging battery
3. Driven by both diesel engine and motor, allows a superior reliability
4. The motor serves to start the engine, while the conventional engine is for auxiliary use. Such arrangement can reduce wear done to the starter and thus improve the service time.
5. Energy from the braking system can be shifted to electric energy, which can reduce noise and idle speed.

Specifications of LCK6112GHEV1

Items LCK6112GHEV-1
Dimension(mm) 11350*2500*3260
Appearance Bullet head
Total Max. Weight (kg) 18000
Rated Seating Capacity (persons) 83/10-30
Max. Speed(km) ≥80
Ratio of fuel saved per 100km 25%
Engine model ISBE4 205B/ ISBE4 225B
Power ratings(kw) 150 /165
Emission standard European IV
Motor model Permanent-magnet synchronous motor
Rated/Max.power(kw) 40-60
Battery type 10-60Ah lithium battery
Total voltage (v) 340
Suspension System Air suspension / steel spring
Braking System Dual-circuit brake, front disc brake, rear drum brake
Body structure Body-chassis frame structure
Floor ground clearance Primary step /Second step
Air-conditioner Top-mounted
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