New Energy Bus

Descriptions of New Energy Buses
1. They are road vehicle that use hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) or pure electric technology for propulsion. Types of hybrid bus and pure electric bus can be available.
2. With advantages of minimum noise, good energy efficiency, low emission, and beautiful appearance, they are widely utilized as city public or special vehicle for transportation.
3. Such type of city bus is one of significant achievements made by Zhongtong Bus, a China bus manufacturer and supplier.

With zero emission and low noise, new energy bus conforms to the environment protection trend and is increasingly demanded in the global market. Fully aware of this demand, Zhongtong Bus, a bus manufacturer with over 50 years of experience, combines new material and BOVA technologies and started offering two kinds of new energy buses: hybrid bus and pure electric bus. Our new energy bus is ISO9001 and 3C certified and is soon exported to USA, France, Spain, Russia, and Argentina. Zhongtong Bus is awarded with certificates like "BAAV Best Appearance of 2007", "BAAV Green Coach of 2008" and more honors. Welcome to contact us for more information about our new energy bus.

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