This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

Descriptions of LCK6109EV
1. This type of pure electric bus has inherited superior performances characteristic of Cruise ranges of vehicle frames and chassis
2. Maximum interior design offers a roomy and comfortable seating space.
3. Electrical chassis gives a huge driving power and impressive cruising range
4. Driving compartment is designed using ergonomic and 3D artificial principles
5. Three-phase asynchronous alternator maintain-free motor provides a huge power
6. With advantages of zero emission and low noises, this new energy bus is commonly used as private commuter vehicle for a government department, company, and other units.

Specifications of LCK6109EV

Items LCK6109EV
Dimension(mm) 10500*2500*3430
Appearance Cruise
Total Max. Weight (kg) 14500
Rated Seating Capacity (persons) 24-59(45+1)
Max. Speed(km) ≥90
Ratio of energy saved per 100km 80
Emission standard Zero emission
Motor model Three-phase asynchronous alternator motor
Power ratings(kw) 80/120
Battery type 360Ah lithium battery
Total voltage (v) 380
Suspension System Air suspension / laminated spring
Braking System Dual-circuit brake, front disc brake, rear drum brake
Body structure Monocoque body structure
Air-conditioner Top-mounted
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