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Descriptions of Motorhome
1. Also called RVs, or caravan, this type of road vehicle is specially designed with self-contained facilities generally for recreational or tour purposes. It is just like a mobile home.
2. This A type of recreational vehicle has a glass-fiber monocoque body, providing a light weight and low consumption.
3. The interior space comprises bedroom, kitchen, living room and bath room with self-contained facilities such as: television, micro-wave oven, refrigerator, water dispenser, air conditioner, and electric powered tent, etc.

Specifications of Motorhome

Vehicle Frame Monocoque frame
Vehicle Body glass-fiber monocoque body
Total Length 8400mm
Total Width 2485mm
Total Height 3680mm
Diesel Engine CUMMINS ISBE4 185, European 4
Gearbox Allison fully automated gear box
Front Axle/Rear Axle Hubei Sanhuan 4.2tons front axle /Ankai 8tons rear axle
Brake Dual-circuit brake,WABCO air valve, WABCO ABS, self-turning arm
Suspension 6 air bags suspension, ,Sachs shock absorber, America Firestone airbag, German Knorr-Bremse body
dynamotor Front-mounted Cummins Onan dynamotor
Oil Tank 2 * 125L

Vehicle Configurations

Solar Panel
Electric Powered Tent
Backup monitor
Air conditioner
Micro-wave oven
Water dispenser
Bedroom, kitchen, bath room, living room

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