Group Bus

Descriptions of Group Bus
1. Also can be called charter bus, shuttle bus, this type of road vehicle is usually owned by a company responsible for shuttling its employees between home and working place.
2. Zhongtong Bus has various models of such vehicles, with multiple optional configurations about seating capacity, total sizes, and interior trims, etc.
3. Produced by Zhongtong Bus, a China bus manufacturer and supplier, group bus features unique appearance design and extra large seating capacity, etc.

Zhongtong Bus is engaged in designing and producing group bus. Since 1958, we have been an experienced group bus manufacturer that is engaged in manufacturing public transport bus, tour coach, commuter bus, school bus, etc. These group buses are applied in tourism, urban traffic, coach station and more. Fifty years later since our foundation, we are awarded with "BAAV Best Appearance of 2007", "BAAV Bus Builder of 2004" and more honors. Top-quality raw materials and imported manufacturing technologies from BOVA Company are the reasons why we are able to make high quality group bus, which is exported to USA, France, Spain, Argentina, Russia, and more countries. Please feel free to contact us if you need any of our group buses.

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